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Money 101 with Bob McCormick

Mr. Brian A. Regalbuto, EA is a recurring guest on Bob McCormick’s Money 101 radio talk show on KFWB 980am. His next air date is May 15th, 2013 at 10:00am.


Does your Service Club need a Speaker?

Mr. Regalbuto, EA has a free 20-minute talk about taxes where he uses feats of Legerdemain to make his points.  In no time, this Tax Wizard will have your members levitated with laughter.

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Money 101 with Bob McCormick

Have Laptop will travel

Does Your Tax Return have the 10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes?

New Clients Find Out for FREE!

FREE E-FILE, both Federal & State, for all Clients

Make an appointment via this website or by phone before April 10, 2013, at no cost or obligation; we will review your past three tax returns.

It never hurts to get a second opinion, do you agree?

Purpose of this website

We endeavor to provide our clients with the very best professional services possible.  To that end, we designed this website to enhance those services by providing online answers to many of your everyday financial dealings and frequently asked questions.  In addition, to be honest, this is good advertizing.

With paid services, First Time Clients receive:

  • Free Tax Planning Interview with Oral Plan
  • Free E-Tax Alerts during 2013
  • Five percent (5%)  Off Coupon Bankruptcy - 10% off Coupon
  • Free Link to their Business Website for one year

We guarantee the following:

  • Your Tax Professional has over 20 years of income tax experience AND IS AN ENROLLED AGENT
  • Accurate, Fast and Convenient services
  • Strict Confidentiality and a Secure Data Storage Backed Up off site
  • We are open year round to help you with all of your tax needs.
  • If we make a mistake on your return, we will pay the interest and penalties; you only pay the tax.

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